3 Easy Tips To Be More Productive Than The Average Person

You can’t become more productive overnight. But if you make small changes, you’ll be well on your way to becoming more efficient.

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Throughout our day and age, people brag about how hectic their lives are. A friend may keep claiming to work 9–5 every weekday and be constantly exhausted. Yet, she is most likely not productive throughout her eight-hour shift.

Instead of bragging about being busier than everyone else, here are three tips to help you be more productive than the average person.

1. Consider the accomplishments and not the time spent.

Two authors are writing a book. One has been composing the first five pages of his first chapter for months, while the other has already finished the entire first draft.

If you want to become successful in your daily tasks and hobbies, you should focus on achieving your specific goals rather than setting a specific time to complete them.

You might say to yourself, instead of deciding to work for four hours on your book, “I will finish a first chapter draft during this time.”

If it takes you four hours to finish your chapter, you will be determined to finish it rather than accepting the fact that you have worked for four hours and barely completed half of it.

Don’t just pat yourself on the back for time spent; focus on a goal over a period of time and succeed at it.

2. Perfectionism is the enemy — stop procrastinating and get going.

The example above illustrates that a rough draft of an entire chapter is much better than a perfect one-page of a novel. The goal is to provide a complete, moderate-effort item than to come in empty.

All of us are victims of perfectionist tendencies.

If we had unlimited time and unlimited energy, then we could be nearly perfect in everything. Humans are imperfect creatures.

Anyone who wishes to increase their productivity needs to understand that perfection is neither realistic nor necessary.

3. Strive to be productive in your approach.

You will not be productive if you work for 8 consecutive hours a day.

Our minds wander, we need to rest, and our bodies need food to replenish their energy stores. Working 8 hours a day will not make you more accomplished than someone who works 5 hours per day.

Those individuals who work five hours per day probably take breaks to eat, exercise, and get some fresh air. They may use timers to accomplish each task in a short amount of time to the best of their ability.

If you’re forced to work eight hours a day, you should take breaks.

If your boss refuses, you probably figure out another way to take a break, like sipping coffee or scrolling through the news.

You can take these timeouts as a time and a half to refresh your mind, and then set a timer to continue working before your next “break.” As long as you finish your studies, your employer may overlook your stretching breaks!

Final thoughts.

By focusing on effective time management, avoiding perfectionism, and working outside the eight-hour workday, you will receive better output than your average coworkers and hobbyists.

Work hard, enjoy your breaks, and you will find that you will accomplish much more than you thought you could.

Look after your body and mind, and you will be amazed at how much you can achieve.

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