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My one hack — I wish I learned earlier.

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Time blocking (and its allies time boxing and task batching) are easy, yet productive techniques to get control of your workday.

I adopted the calendar blocking methodology in 2020 as I started working on Nextgen Digital (my new baby)and thought I have achieved my highest level of productivity. Here is my story on it.

Surprisingly, I was wrong!

There are countless calendar hacks to get you more productivity out of the hours in your day. However, these tools only work if you schedule the right things and follow the systematic rules.

I anticipate that these productivity apps will inspire you for years to come.

At some point in the life of everyone, a little spring of inspiration can be helpful.

It might be time to consider some exciting apps that have been around for a while but are here to stay, especially if a couple of your resolutions are wearing out in the context of day-to-day life.

Listed below are six ways to jumpstart your business and feel motivated again.

So let’s get started.

1. Obsidian — for note-taking.

Obsidian is a free note-taking system available for your desktop. It allows you to create a second brain system.

All the notes you write are connected, allowing you to build…

And achieved actionable + meaningful results.

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I adopted the calendar blocking concept about a year back, and since then, it has been an integral part of my productivity workflow.

In case you are one of them who is constantly overwhelmed and stressed out by long to-do lists, I would recommend using the time blocking method.

Come February 2021, and I made a few changes to how I was blocking my calendar with a twist. This hack gave my daily routine a new life.

No matter what productivity tips you follow or how you manage your tasks, what matters is that you get things done and get…

The tool allows you to capture text from anything. It’s fast, secure, and comes with advanced OCR features.

TextSniper (affiliate link) is a blazingly fast and lightweight OCR app that helps quickly extract any text from your Mac’s screen.

TextSniper brings a fresh new take on text recognition and helps solve the common problem of retyping text that is uncopiable or non-selectable.

TextSniper essentially helps you avoid clutter by quickly capturing only the most important information. Save your text as a paragraph or keep the line breaks.

You can even use TextSniper’s text-to-speech feature to have the app read it to you.

The speed, accuracy, and ease of use are just phenomenal and getting even better via regular…

These 3 effective ways will limit your exposure to distractions and make you more productive.

Photo by meo from Pexels

Our brain is wired to love distractions.

The moment we log on to a computer, our brain absorbs new stories, facts, and images it has never seen before.

Scientists have found that every time we take in new information, our brain releases a flood of dopamine, and the exciting rush of dopamine makes us crave more.

The fact that social media is so captivating is why people are so addicted to it.

Brainfacts states that there are 2 things that drive human action. Necessity— food, sleep, avoidance of pain and rewards.

It’s difficult to fight your brain’s natural dopamine rush…

You might like these tools as much as I do for your productivity and efficiency.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

You can find many of my stories written on Medium in addition to my videos on my YouTube channel discussing productivity apps and utilities.

Listed here are the most used tools/apps I use every day, and it just works really well with my workflow system.

I will get started with this right away.

1. Alfred App (Only for Mac, iOS, iPad).

Alfred is a replacement for ‘spotlight’ on Mac but comes with many advanced features. I want to call this ‘Spotlight on Steroids.’

This is my absolute favorite productivity tool that I use every day for the last 10 years to stay productive. …

Here’s a 4-step productivity system you can use if you’re constantly disorganized and scrambling to get things done.

Photo by Fabian Kühne on Unsplash

I have spent many hours reading self-help books and interviewing productivity experts to enhance my daily routine. But I discovered that having a solid organizational system in place is essential to be extremely productive.

Please make a note that you can use this system even on a piece of paper although I am using a few digital apps that has made me more efficient.

1. Jot Down To Remember.

The first and foremost step is to write down all my tasks, to-do’s, and ideas somewhere so that I do not need to remember them. Thanks to David Allen’s methodology described in ‘Getting Things Done.’


A consolidated list of the newly released Evernote tips and tricks will boost your work-life balance and increase your productivity.

I am making an assumption here that all you folks have either heard of Evernote or using it.

Well, I have been using it since 2009, and this works for me as my ‘second brain’. You may read about it more here:

With that said, the new Evernote has brought plenty of promise, and they are still working diligently in bringing more features in the coming months.

Let me get straight into the 15 steps I am talking about that I have been using almost every day.

Feel free to go over the video on this topic to get a…

You can’t become more productive overnight. But if you make small changes, you’ll be well on your way to becoming more efficient.

web image captured by the author

Throughout our day and age, people brag about how hectic their lives are. A friend may keep claiming to work 9–5 every weekday and be constantly exhausted. Yet, she is most likely not productive throughout her eight-hour shift.

Instead of bragging about being busier than everyone else, here are three tips to help you be more productive than the average person.

1. Consider the accomplishments and not the time spent.

Two authors are writing a book. One has been composing the first five pages of his first chapter for months, while the other has already finished the entire first draft.

If you want to become successful in your daily…

Despite all this, I want all writers to know that this is a valuable lesson for all of you on Medium.

web image capture by author

OOPS! I was not aware of this policy from Medium, and I did receive a warning from them a couple of days back.

And, here are the sequence of events.

  1. I responded recently to a comment from one of the authors that resonated with my specialty writing.
  2. I provided my comments and also included a link to one of my earlier stories on a similar topic I wrote.
  3. However, I did receive an email from Medium within a few hours stating that this is a violation of their policy and I might get removed as an author due to this issue.
  4. I responded immediately to Medium folks…

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