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Nicely researched and well written, Alex! A similar write-up is in works (draft) for me but you beat me :)

A new study has discovered the main benefit of making a phone call.

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Like many people lately, I have been texting a lot with friends and family. COVID-19 (and the physical separation it requires) has made physical social interaction very limited, therefore requiring more of me to keep my relationships strong and healthy.

There can be so many obstacles that prevent you from seeing your loved ones in person, from busy schedules to long distances to an unexpected pandemic.

Fortunately, modern…

A day in my life to stay organized and productive.

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Entrepreneurs’ schedules are usually densely packed since they want to fit as much work as possible into their waking hours.

There is always something else to do, and more you want to accomplish, so how do you keep your day running efficiently without becoming overwhelmed by time demands?

Here is one resource I would recommend you should refer to:

There are some tricks I have learned along my entrepreneurial journey that have helped me run my business effectively and efficiently.

If you stay on top of the steps daily, you’ll…

My one hack — I wish I learned earlier.

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Time blocking (and its allies time boxing and task batching) are easy, yet productive techniques to get control of your workday.

I adopted the calendar blocking methodology in 2020 as I started working on Nextgen Digital (my new baby)and thought I have achieved my highest level of productivity. Here is my story on it.

Surprisingly, I was wrong!

There are countless calendar hacks to get you more productivity out of the hours in your day. However, these tools only work if you schedule the right things and follow the systematic rules.

Here is my process of reading, retention, and writing that has enhanced productivity.

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My memories down the lane.

It happened back in India, and I recall the year was 1976 if I remember correctly.

Every Saturday, my Dad would take us out for a weekly outing for dining, shopping, and a movie night, since his medical practice had an off day. My sister and I used to look forward to this weekend and every weekend because it meant dinner and a getaway.

My first stint in reading was with my parents.

We also visited Hobby Corner (a book store) every Saturday, where we used to hire magazines, comics, and books for the following week…

My learnings and the best way to move forward to get actionable insights and productivity.

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So in the past, I thought setting goals was a bit pointless. Why set a goal if you cannot control the outcome? and if you’re just going to be miserable until the goal is reached?

When we reach a goal, we will set a new target, so why not stop setting goals and be happy with what we have now but I am delighted to say that I was completely wrong.

While I was planning my goals for 2021.

My approach in December 2020 was to set goals for 2021, but my current…

Evernote, the app has made a comeback and brings more promise & productivity.

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My Apologies!

I was critical about the grandfather of all apps — Evernote a few months back when I wrote Why is Evernote losing its Ground? on Medium.

With that said, I also wrote another story on Evernote in November of last year — Has Evernote Made A Comeback After Years Of Stagnation? This was the time when Ian Small and his team were making inroads into the technology and strategically making enhancements and revamping the app across all platforms.

Evernote Is At A War-front And Wants To Prove A Point.

I must have written this in my…

My pick on 6 top productivity and the most creative YouTubers.

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As I have completed 9 months for my youtube channel called, Nextgen Digital my first thought was to thank the YouTubers and brand makers that have inspired me during the year 2020.

Just as an introduction to my channel, I posted my first video on youtube on March 23, 2020. The progress has been exciting, fun-filled and I have learned immensely in this process. I create videos on productivity, minimalism, technology apps, and digital transformation.

Thought my channel is fairly new but I have been following my pick of…

Move away from popular websites and visit these interesting websites instead. You might learn something out of this also.

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The Internet is one of the best places to kill your time. It offers a treasure trove of websites that can help you kill time when you want to. Yet, people still spend most of their time only on popular websites looking at cat videos.

You can become an explorer sitting on your armchair if you decide to find the treasures hidden inside the world of the internet. …

Small habits may be individually small, but collectively and given time, they could hold remarkable power.

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If we want to change our lives, we’re often told that we need to think big, make drastic changes, or perhaps even move across continents, but what if we could achieve major transformations just through small tweaks to our daily routines?

We all tend to overestimate the importance of single actions and underestimate the power of making small improvements repetitively over a longer period of time.

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