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My one hack — I wish I learned earlier.

Time blocking (and its allies time boxing and task batching) are easy, yet productive techniques to get control of your workday.

I adopted the calendar blocking methodology in 2020 as I started working on Nextgen Digital (my new baby)and thought I have achieved my highest level of productivity. Here is my story on it.

Surprisingly, I was wrong!

There are countless calendar hacks to get you more productivity out of the hours in your day. However, these tools only work if you schedule the right things and follow the systematic rules.

A consolidated list of the newly released Evernote tips and tricks will boost your work-life balance and increase your productivity.

I am making an assumption here that all you folks have either heard of Evernote or using it.

Well, I have been using it since 2009, and this works for me as my ‘second brain’. You may read about it more here:

With that said, the new Evernote has brought plenty of promise, and they are still working diligently in bringing more features in the coming months.

Let me get straight into the 15 steps I am talking about that I have been using almost every day.

Feel free to go over the video on this topic to get a…

You can’t become more productive overnight. But if you make small changes, you’ll be well on your way to becoming more efficient.

Throughout our day and age, people brag about how hectic their lives are. A friend may keep claiming to work 9–5 every weekday and be constantly exhausted. Yet, she is most likely not productive throughout her eight-hour shift.

Instead of bragging about being busier than everyone else, here are three tips to help you be more productive than the average person.

1. Consider the accomplishments and not the time spent.

Two authors are writing a book. One has been composing the first five pages of his first chapter for months, while the other has already finished the entire first draft.

If you want to become successful in your daily…

Despite all this, I want all writers to know that this is a valuable lesson for all of you on Medium.

OOPS! I was not aware of this policy from Medium, and I did receive a warning from them a couple of days back.

And, here are the sequence of events.

  1. I responded recently to a comment from one of the authors that resonated with my specialty writing.
  2. I provided my comments and also included a link to one of my earlier stories on a similar topic I wrote.
  3. However, I did receive an email from Medium within a few hours stating that this is a violation of their policy and I might get removed as an author due to this issue.
  4. I responded immediately to Medium folks…

My three adopted ideas from Steven Pressfield’s book reduced my daily resistance and accelerated my productivity.

Every time we sit down to write or make something, we are often stopped from starting by a force that stops us from typing the first word, writing that first page, or shooting those first few seconds of a video.

My most frequently asked question is how do you conquer procrastination, and the answer to this problem is in The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

He says,

The evidence suggests that most of us live two lives, the life we live and the life that remains unlived within us. …

How individuals who have been vaccinated during COVID-19 may feel that they are safer and consequently engage in riskier behavior?

“Thank goodness, I don't have to wear these masks after my shot”

“I love restaurants and bars — now, I can move freely without hiding my face”

Freedom is my right! why should I wear my mask post-vaccination?

Is the vaccine not working?

All of these statements and more are not true. Let’s look at a few known assumptions.

Now, the known facts.

  1. Immunity against Covid 19 does not build immediately after the first dose or even after the second. It takes a few weeks after the second dose for a full-fledged immunity to build.
  2. There is no guarantee that one will not get…

Do these 3 things to adopt simplicity for improved communication, easier execution, and higher productivity.

Complex solutions over simple ones, complicated marketing jargon over clear explanations, and multi-step implementations over direct ones tend to be more accepted than simple ones.

Complex processes can also delay decisions, giving us the illusion of productivity.

Why do we have such a hard time embracing simplicity? And how can we bring complexity and simplicity in balance?

As I start penning down my thoughts here, it reminded me of the famous Antoine de Saint-Exupery quote:

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Simple wisdom, simply shared, reveals…

Read this story only if you are procrastinating and adopt this trick.

We need to take responsibility for our own procrastination.

Do you have trouble reading or studying? Do you have trouble getting any of your work done? Do you feel lethargic and uninspired to exercise?

I am feeling lethargic and do not feel like starting task A, B, C today. I will do it once I get motivated.

Yes, you got it wrong, let’s see how it works.

The trick to the ‘Do Something’ principle.

If this is the case, then you need the Do Something principle. That’s right!

The secret to all of your procrastination and work-life problems is to shut up and get to work.

You think that you’re supposed to get motivated and then…

Highly productive people are lazy too as we are. They find a way to boost their productivity and adopt these tips without breaking a sweat.

“Roughly three of every 10 individuals aged 15 years or older — about 1.5 billion people — do not reach present physical activity recommendations,” experts said in a report that described the problem as a “pandemic.”

Laziness breeds more laziness.

Why go to the gym tonight? It’s been a week since you’ve gone. Why take out the garbage when the whole apartment is a mess? These are all good points.

However, we need to break the cycle now with these 9 hacks.

1. Qualities of innovative nature are essential.

How frequent is it that you let your mind wander?

Do you doodle, and daydream, or are you…

Take these 2 actions to motivate yourself and reduce procrastination.

The majority of people who are seeking motivation will wait for something or someone to motivate them before they will get up and challenge themselves and take action to motivate themselves — This approach is incorrect.

Even though I operated with this “motivation comes before action” mentality for years, I finally realized that I had it all backward. I would investigate how I could get motivated to work out, to get up early, or to stop procrastinating and do the work I have been delaying.

But, as Nike puts it — Just Do It! This is a mission statement for…

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