Action Inspires Us Only When Our Thoughts Instigate Action

Take these 2 actions to motivate yourself and reduce procrastination.

The majority of people who are seeking motivation will wait for something or someone to motivate them before they will get up and challenge themselves and take action to motivate themselves — This approach is incorrect.

Even though I operated with this “motivation comes before action” mentality for years, I finally realized that I had it all backward. I would investigate how I could get motivated to work out, to get up early, or to stop procrastinating and do the work I have been delaying.

But, as Nike puts it — Just Do It! This is a mission statement for our lives, it works and has relevance to our daily lives.

This revelation brought me to a simple understanding, which I believe is the most important fact regarding motivation: action leads to motivation.

Whatever inspires you, action always begins with action.

Action is the catalyst for motivation. It is the precursor to motivation. The action comes first, motivation is the consequence. Motivation is comparable to the honeymoon phase of a new relationship — it’s exciting at first, but then it disappears.

We’ve got to do little things to keep motivation rolling, or we’ll lose steam and come to a crashing halt.

James Clear speaks about this in a delightful manner in his book, and it is a worthwhile read.

So, the “mantra” for motivation works like this — Write down and post this somewhere where you can see it.

“small (atomic) habits → action → more actions → motivation”

The 2 key mindsets we need to adapt to succeed, be inspired, and make action-driven judgments.

1. Think big, start small and scale fast.

There are many reasons for the company’s extraordinary growth, but there is one technique every small business can master: the ability to think big and still take small steps.

Then this is how it works.

In a post from Google’s Think Insights, Google’s former Senior Vice President of Adwords and AdSense, now Senior Vice President at YouTube, Susan Wojcicki explains — the process starts with the company’s Eight Pillars of Innovation. One of those pillars, says Wojcicki, is “think big, act small.”

I have discovered that the most efficient way to get started on a goal or a project is by making it as simple as possible for myself.

I’ve realized the key is not waiting for motivation but to make some, small, specific actions to get the ball rolling. And once I’ve got the ball rolling, then it goes from strength to strength, and the motivation to continue naturally comes on its own.

2. Take action! continue taking more actions, get it done, and stay motivated!

  • Make a decision that you will move the ball forward no matter what. No matter how tired or disillusioned you feel, make the commitment to take action. Do something, even if it’s the smallest thing, to move the ball forward.
  • Take a minute and write down something you would desire to do if you were motivated enough to do it.
  • Next, make an Action Ramp. Write down one action that you can take today to make progress in progressing to it.

Final Thoughts.

We can read more about inspiring actions on the internet or even check out their videos. On the other hand, if we do this all the time, it leads to procrastination (trust me, I have done it even today).

However, over the years I have learned to keep it simple and start indulging in small chunks of actions like breaking my goals into smaller & more attainable steps, take away all distractions, ask for help if I need it, find an activity that energizes me, and JUST DO IT :)

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