A short poem I wrote sometime back for my son. Dedicated to all children, for the love they bring to us.

Photo by Bess Hamiti from Pexels

Raising his arms, he leaped on me time and again,
He had his charm and charisma that took all my pain.

I embraced him with all the love, warmth and fondness I had,
Wow! What emotion and sentiment, it made both of us glad.

This is what you and I feel when we embrace our kids,
Rejuvenates our lives every day, wish I could always submit.

We relish there smile every time coming out of there molars,
Believe it or not. Their smiles are worth a million dollars.

Adolescence, mischief, and affection are all facets we adore,
Greed and anxiousness we dump as we crave for them more.

Childhood is infectious and lovable but we realized as our lives ran,
Wordsworth was right when he said — “Child is the father of man”

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