She is “She”, And You Make me Smile!

Poetry for my wife and for all the loved partners!

Photo by Jasmine Carter from Pexels

A stray of light and a slender glare peeps into my mystic eyes,
She cuddles her pillow, stretches, and moves and gives a sigh.
I could feel the leaves shuddering and hear the birds twittering,
The radiance of the Sun glitters and she murmurs ‘Good Morning’.

She is charming, adorable, endearing, palatable and delectable,
She brings compassion to the sun, the resilience of the moon & is enjoyable.
Her morning chores commence with tea, smoothie and the current affairs,
We get into an argument and ‘Alas’! She leaves for work with a stare.

I have seen the happiness, smiles, and glee she has brought,
To our Son and now a man, my little boy.
I am so very thankful and gratified,
And my heart is filled with elation and joy.

Like any ‘love’, we crave for one another,
It blossoms and blooms and grows.
I see a beautiful flower garden,
And you… the perfect rose.

Blogger, YouTuber & Entrepreneur. Writing meaningful content on productivity, tech, & life lessons.

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