The Reaction I Got On Medium After Responding To A Comment

Despite all this, I want all writers to know that this is a valuable lesson for all of you on Medium.

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OOPS! I was not aware of this policy from Medium, and I did receive a warning from them a couple of days back.

And, here are the sequence of events.

  1. I responded recently to a comment from one of the authors that resonated with my specialty writing.
  2. I provided my comments and also included a link to one of my earlier stories on a similar topic I wrote.
  3. However, I did receive an email from Medium within a few hours stating that this is a violation of their policy and I might get removed as an author due to this issue.
  4. I responded immediately to Medium folks, and they acknowledged it within a few hours stating that I am fine and should read their policies.

The reason I am sharing this story is…

  1. I was not aware of this, and I should have read their policies in more detail. I hope some of you benefit from this also.
  2. I am thoroughly impressed with Medium’s responsiveness and proactive approach.

Thanks once again, Medium, for all the support and guidance.

Here is the link to their policies in case you wish to read:

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