One Productivity Tool You Don’t Wanna Miss In 2021

The tool allows you to capture text from anything. It’s fast, secure, and comes with advanced OCR features.

TextSniper (affiliate link) is a blazingly fast and lightweight OCR app that helps quickly extract any text from your Mac’s screen.

TextSniper brings a fresh new take on text recognition and helps solve the common problem of retyping text that is uncopiable or non-selectable.

TextSniper essentially helps you avoid clutter by quickly capturing only the most important information. Save your text as a paragraph or keep the line breaks.

You can even use TextSniper’s text-to-speech feature to have the app read it to you.

The speed, accuracy, and ease of use are just phenomenal and getting even better via regular updates.

TextSniper Features

  1. Whether you need to grab a text from an image, pdf, video, or even Zoom call, TextSniper will do it instantly.
  2. It recognizes English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Chines languages.
  3. TextSniper can convert text into speech on the fly, which can be helpful for people with dyslexia or visually impaired.
  4. It reads QR and barcodes and is privacy-focused.
  5. All text recognition is processed on the device and no internet connection is required.
  6. TextSniper improves productivity and combines a simple workflow that fits most Mac users.

How does TextSniper Work?

  1. To extract text, press Cmd+Shift+2 and select any portion of the screen.
  2. TextSniper automatically recognizes text inside the screenshot and saves it to your clipboard.
  3. Then, use the familiar Cmd+V to paste your text anywhere.
  4. You can change the shortcut if you like.

You can access TextSniper (affiliate link)from your menu bar to start capturing or customize some settings (change the keyboard shortcut or choose to keep line breaks when copying text).

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